Some lovely feedback…

This lovely feedback made me cry. Properly. It is so moving when someone shares their story and thanks us for our books. Means the absolute world. I would like to share (with permission of the writer – names blanked out to respect their privacy):

“We got 2 new books today, thanks to a post I saw the other day.
I have wondered how to explain to (…) (5) and (…) (3) and eventually (…) (9m) about what happened to (…)’s body after he died 16 months ago. At the time I said we had a party and Daddy became a star. (My 5 yr old) presumed he went up in a spaceship so I let him believe it. Recently he had been asking questions though so when I saw these books mentioned the other day, I knew I had to order them!
We read ‘What Happened to Daddy’s Body’ this evening, just (my 5 yr old) and I. We had our little urn of (…)’s ashes, or ‘Star Dust’ as we have called it, and (my 5 yr old) was fascinated when I got the big tub of ashes out once we got to the page of the book where they did it! He wore (…)’s chain (over his nose?!) and asked lots of questions, which the books fully explained.
It didn’t upset him, and was very easy to understand, so I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling to explain cremation or burial (it explains that fully too) to their little one
Thanks Elke!! x

(…) Your book said every single word that I was scared to say to him. It gently explained the process entirely whilst reassuring him that he didn’t need to be worried. He would ask a question, which would be answered within the next line. We smiled and laughed during some of it, which for a book of such darkness and depth, was incredible! ‘Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute’ will be read with (my 3 yr old) tomorrow, as he struggles to understand the finality of everything, and has recently been asking lots of questions.

Amazing work Elke! xxxx”