Elke, Alex and Olivia

This is our true story...

Both books are based on our true story.

"Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?" explains (sudden) death, while "What Happened to Daddy's Body?" explains cremation, burial and spreading the ashes in words very young children can understand.

They also reassure children and their families that it's okay to be sad, but that it's okay to be happy, too..

Got there in the end

Well, I am pleased to report that this was the first day of Alex’s meds. We struggled to get him to swallow his first ever tablet, but got there in the end (one ended up in the bin). And, although I have seen him yawn a couple of times, he doesn’t seem to have struggled […]

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Still Waiting

Sorry we’ve been quiet – STILL waiting on that dummy mock-up, been chasing the printer, and meantime Alex has been diagnosed with narcolepsy and cataplexy – something I had suspected for a long time, but I’ve finally got a diagnosis.

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A book that you can’t touch

OMG – just spoke to a distribution company in the US – this particular guy specialises in eBooks. Is this a good idea? A book that you can’t touch??? Getting the ball rolling though, and their UK office might be able to help with the distribution of the physical book.

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Soooooo close to the final version

CT scan done (another first), covered in red pen and three permanent red tattoo dots. ‘Sigh’ to starting another part of the journey, ‘YEAH!!!’ to it being the last of the steps to beat cancer for good. :-))))) xx Thank you all for your continued support. We are soooooo close to the final version of […]

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