Crowdfunding again!

After the huge crowdfunding success of “Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?” I am asking for your help again…. I used to love listening to stories at night in my bed, and my kids do the same today (albeit mine were on tape, and theirs are on CD! ;o) ) – How amazing would it be to have “Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?” as an audio version? Please have a look at BloomVC:

I am also trying to raise money for the second book “What happened to Daddy’s body?”, which will explain cremation and burial to very young children, as well as show, in words and pictures, what we chose to do with Martin’s ashes. Illustrated again by the lovely Anna Jarvis, it will be the same format, style, language etc. Can you help? Please?

Elke, Alex & Olivia xxx