Elke, Alex and Olivia

This is our true story...

Both books are based on our true story.

"Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?" explains (sudden) death, while "What Happened to Daddy's Body?" explains cremation, burial and spreading the ashes in words very young children can understand.

They also reassure children and their families that it's okay to be sad, but that it's okay to be happy, too..

Child grief is like jumping in and out of puddles…

You know how they say that child grief is a bit like jumping in and out of puddles, while for us grown ups, it’s more like wading through a muddy river… Well, Olivia seems to have jumped into one of those puddles a couple of days ago, and is still bouncing about in it. (She […]

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Kids’ Talk…

Just boxing up my leftover books and one of Olivia’s friends (7 1/2) asks Olivia what I am doing. Her reply: “Oh, she wrote books about my Daddy dying and the questions that my brother asked her. Then she packages them up and sends them to people who want them.” – friend: “Your Mum writes […]

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Happy birthday Alex!

Happy birthday my little boy – 11 already… Can’t believe this is your 8th birthday without your daddy… Love you millions… xxxxx

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Grampian Child Bereavement Network Conference 4th October 2016

Hellooooo, just popping in to let you know that I will be speaking at the Grampian Child Bereavement Network Conference on Tuesday 4th October 2016, 9:30am – 4:00pm at Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen #supportbereavedchildconference2016 (flyer attached) if anyone is interested. xxx  

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